Alessia - Black Closed Toe Thigh High Garter Belt Boot - Made to order









Heel Height And Style:

3.5 inch stilletto


New With Shoe Bag

Seller Notes:

Can fit a size 5.

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Alessia is sexy and sassy. Wear these over leggings, skinny jeans, short shorts or skirts, stockings or for the fishnets over just a leotard or bikinis. One of our newest mold of heels that go sky high up the thigh and into a Garter Belt. Closed toe is comfortable and keeps feet securely in place.

The boot part is about 26 inches (about 67cm) tall and sits a bit higher than the over the knee. Garter straps are fastened to the boot by metallic rings. This strap is adjustable to accommodate different heights from 11 inches (about 29cm) to 20 inches (about 52cm). There are additional straps that go around the upper thigh for an extremely sexy look, that are adjustable up to 26 inches (about 66cm). They can be tightened as much as needed. The vertical straps connect to a belt.

A good way to measure your height to see if this boot will work well is to stand on your tippy toes (because it has a heel) and measure from the floor to your natural waist. As long as your measurement is between 42 and 48 inches (between 107 and 125cm) the height will work great. The belt comes in a standard of 39 inches (about 100cm) but larger can be requested. There is a zipper on the inside of the leg that goes the whole length of the boot.

The max calf measurement for this boot is 14 inches around (about 37cm). The material does stretched a bit to make it comfortable to move in.


  • Memory Foam double thickness padding for extreme comfort
  • Non-slip anti-bacterial inner lining for sweaty feet
  • HIGH Quality VEGAN outer materials
  • Material has some stretch to it
  • Zipper on inside of the leg
  • Specialized shank for overall support and flexibility
  • Shoes are designed to withstand long hours dancing providing significantly less pain and pressure.
  • SUEDE SOLE (maximum flexibility) SLIP & GRIP (for dance floors only) STREET SOLE (smooth for spins, turns, and slides, can be worn on all surfaces)
  • HEEL HIGHT OPTIONS 3.5, 4 and 4.2"
  • SIZES GO FROM 4 UP TO SIZE 15 (Sizes 12 - 15 in 4 and 4.2 inch heels)!! FOR MEN AND WOMEN !!!
  • See description for detailed measurements on the boot, straps and belt

Delivery: Pre-orders and custom orderstake 4-6 weeks to deliver. For more information about Custom Orders please see article HERE

Heel Height Options: See our HEEL CHART

Sole Options: Our street sole is for all surfaces as a fashion, every day shoe. Also great for dancing. It has a smooth surface that allows for effortless spins and glides. 

Special Custom Request: If you would like to further customize your shoes beyond the options provided above please read through our SPECIAL CUSTOM SHOES ARTICLE.

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